OLM Online Library

An Online library for the Parish of Our Lady of Mercy Kloof

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Welcome to the OLM Kloof media centre. This is an online library comprising Books and DVDs of a religious  nature, where you can browse our parish collection and click individual covers/jackets for information on the genre and content of each book or DVD

Step 1>Complete a Registration form  (Skip this step, If you have already completed one.)

Step 2> Browse the shelves for a BOOK/DVD that interests you, noting its index number and title. (clicking on a book’s cover while browsing will give you these details and sometimes give you more info on the contents of the book)

Step 3> Request Dorothy to Reserve it for you until you call in person at the Parish Office.  Alternatively, you can phone her direct or visit the parish office.

The contact number of the office is 031 7640101

At present we have accessioned  some 1000+ books and the list continues to grow!

More refinements to this site  are planned in the future,  your patience is requested!

Basic Tour> download a PDF file!

Just a Quick note: Where you see a book cover in the collection that looks  similar to the image below, it simpSans Coverly means that the book is unavailable temporarily while we find a suitable cover for it!

Your patience is appreciated!